Seventeen Equations that Changed the World

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Seventeen Equations that Changed the World

Seventeen Equations that Changed the World

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And it takes an exceptional mathematician to be able to communicate that enthusiasm without boring the pants off you. Equations definitely can be dull, and they can seem complicated, but that’s because they are often presented in a dull and complicated way," Stewart told Business Insider.

Then we choose a prominent point in the landscape that is visible from both ends of the baseline, and measure the angle from the baseline to that point, at both ends of the baseline. Una obra divulgativa que respeta al lector, en la que se logra un equilibrio bastante justo entre claridad, rigor y sencillez, y que presenta el fascinante mundo de la matemática pura y de la matemática aplicada en todo su esplendor, a través de muchas de sus posibilidades, pero también con muchas de sus sombras. Snellius worked out the distance between two Dutch towns, Alkmaar and Bergen op Zoom, using a network of 33 triangles. Many have heard of logarithms and know the basic logarithmic rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.Ian Stewart is therefore being very brave writing a popular science book which explains the mathematical basis for our modern world, unashamedly focusing on the key equations themselves. In this lively volume, mathematician Ian Stewart delves into 17 equations that shape our daily existence, including those dreamed up by the likes of Einstein, Newton, and Erwin Schrödinger. Newton's gravity held up very well for two hundred years, and it was not until Einstein's theory of general relativity that it would be replaced. But Newton’s Law isn’t a mathematical theorem; it’s true for physical reasons, it fits observations. History: Though attributed to Pythagoras, it is not certain that he was the first person to prove it.

This is not to say that the book is written at a very deep level, but it would take a relatively sophisticated reader to get the best out of the book. While I enjoyed the description of many of the key equations covered, I did not find them well laid out. I also always get really irritated with knot theory, as the first thing mathematicians do is say 'Let's join the ends up. Knowing the distance between them, he could work out the size of the Earth, which he published in his Eratosthenes Batavus (‘The Dutch Eratosthenes’) in 1617. He explained that anyone can "appreciate the beauty and importance of equations without knowing how to solve them .So Pythagoras and his Greek successors would decode the theorem as an equality of areas: ‘The area of a square constructed using the longest side of a right-angled triangle is the sum of the areas of the squares formed from the other two sides.

El resto del libro es una gran lectura acerca de cómo las matemáticas viven, cómo son creadas y cómo (para sorpresa de muchos escolares que creen saberlo todo) las matemáticas sí se usan en la vida cotidiana.Modern use: Used to compress information for the JPEG image format and discover the structure of molecules. And while we don’t explicitly use it today, it is still there in how we deduce locations from satellite data. Das macht dieses Buch thematisch sehr umfangreich: man bekommt einen Einblick in Analysis, Topologie, Stochastik und mathematische Physik, während die gesellschaftlichen Implikationen von DNA-Entschlüsselung und digitaler Bildbearbeitung zum Klimawandel und der Finanzkrise von 2008 reichen. One kind presents relations between various mathematical quantities: the task is to prove the equation is true. Ian Stewart has penned a book for both sides of the divide with In Pursuit of the Unknown , ably bridging the gap between those daunted and undaunted by the language of equations.

Einstein followed up on this insight with his famous papers on special relativity (1905) and general relativity (1915).A differential equation that describes the behavior of waves, like the behavior of a vibrating violin string. An interesting idea, but I found the book to be so badly written that it didn't really hold my attention. Each chapter is a focused look at a specific equation, the circumstances of its discovery, and the wider ramifications of its existence. History: The genesis of Einstein's equation was an experiment by Albert Michelson and Edward Morley that proved light did not move in a Newtonian manner in comparison to changing frames of reference.

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