Bare Bottom Discipline: a collection of erotic spanking stories

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Bare Bottom Discipline: a collection of erotic spanking stories

Bare Bottom Discipline: a collection of erotic spanking stories

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I also wanted to know if you had actually been spanked by another person that was not in your family? We entered the lounge as Mum listened to the lady’s detailed account of my offence and her ensuing annoyance.

They liked to tell me that I was their favorite babysitter (also the most frequent one), which was so sweet. If we got spanked at night, we’d shower first, put on our bathrobes, then walk down the basement stairs to the laundry room with the respective parent who was responsible for spanking us. So, almost as if turning on a light switch, Georgia put her tongue into over drive and sent the poor thing careening over "Orgasm Cliff"! I don't know how much of me Colleen's husband later saw of me as I laid on the bed with the rectal thermometer up my butt. As his two nephews continued to stare and grin at me, I pulled up my panties and shorts and ran off crying to find my mom.Whenever my mom would say get your clothes off and get face down on the bed I knew I was going to get the belt. The shortness of the haircut was a real shock I looked so not me and I had to get the same haircut for 6 months so so unfair. I put the kitchen chair in the middle of the living room and there it sat with the hairbrush on it… waiting. She said I was punishing myself and I felt like I deserved it, even though I didn't consciously realize it.

An electric shiver ran down Krista Larson's spine as she exposed her panty clad vagina and bottom to the stern administrator and he continued, "Haven't I spoken to you before about being on time in the morning, today you were at least three minutes late! We talked about my real dad, how much he loved me when I was a baby, how his death effected her, how things would have been different had he lived. Once we got down to the laundry room, he’d pull out two chairs and place them right next to each other. Witnessing my mother pull down my pants, bend me over her knee to give me a hard spanking had left a lasting impression on Kara as well. In fact, much to her kids' amusement, she liked to note the irony of how when I was a baby she used to change my diapers and now, here I was, babysitting her kids, giving them their baths and so on.

Mom would often cry when another theft was unearthed, followed by a fresh confession (always after initial and repeated and sincere denial). While standing in the corner I’d stroke my penis to maintain the erection, even while crying or sobbing because my ass had been lit on fire, only stopping when I heard my dad open the door.

I had recently discovered I liked the idea of bdsm but when he actually spanked, choked, and sort of restrained me with his hands I fell in love with it! My dad especially looked like one of those stern fathers from a 1950’s sitcom-he always wore a long sleeve shirt, wingtips, trousers, and a tie. Fetish Mistress - BDSM and SM Site - Spanking, Facesitting, Bondage, CBT, Financial slavery, Financial Domination.He waited for her to be done begging and said, "Stop begging, you were a bad girl and you need to be punished. But my mom had a meeting the next night and my younger brother Matt was going out with friends to the movies. I got my fair share of spankings and in front of others I am ashamed to say but thankfully never at the barbers. And most importantly, it's a reminder that sometimes, it's the toughest lessons that teach us the most.

That wasn't the end of my spoon or spatula spankings, I still got those often, but from then on for any serious offense I would cringe at the sound of her belt buckle clinking. A week or so later my mother was invited for coffee by Belinda, a youngish widow, whose garden adjoins ours. com/stories/Remember-Being-Spanked-Bare-Bottomed-Over-The-Knee/3568292 should be hyper-linked to my name) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.I looked down to the floor in embarrassment rather than face my brothers who were sitting a half dozen or so feet away at the kitchen table. And although the level of intensity at the beginning of each paddling was maybe about half of that of a handspanking, my parents were still making firm contact with each swat, and as our bare asses quickly became acclimated to that level of contact they’d ratchet up the forcefulness pretty rapidly until the last part of the spanking went well beyond tolerable (though not unbearable; we never had a mark, bruise, or welt on us afterward). My dad, dispensing this statutory sentence — spanking Ulf’s bare bottom — never used any equipment, such as a belt, stick, or paddle. Both boys then left the bathroom and Colleen gave me a sympathetic smile in an attempt to ease my embarrassment.

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