Games Workshop Warhammer 40k - Codex V.9 Adepta Sororitas (En) [Personal Computers]

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Games Workshop Warhammer 40k - Codex V.9 Adepta Sororitas (En) [Personal Computers]

Games Workshop Warhammer 40k - Codex V.9 Adepta Sororitas (En) [Personal Computers]

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One significant change up front is that the Geminae now have to accompany her (and they have to die first, similar to Kyganil), and this does create a major drawback up front, which is that this unit is worth 9VP on Assassinate by itself if your opponent manages to take it off the table by the end of the game. As a general note before we jump into units, there are a few consistent equipment changes across this book. Arco-flagellants have seen a bit of tech use recently as a trade unit into Drukhari, as they’re well-statted to rip Incubi and Wyches apart and incredibly cheap.

Looking at the others mentioned, Embodied Prophecy now is +1 to wound for the Zephyrim (rather than a re-roll 1s to wound aura for the things around them), Holy Rage now allows re-roll hit rolls or fall back and charge, and Deadly Descent still allows you to shoot but doesn’t boost range, meaning you can no longer shoot inferno pistols out of deep strike – a severe nerf for those.There’s a mix here of buffs and nerfs; Wrath of the Emperor goes down to AP-1 and Litanies of Faith becomes once per battle round instead of once per turn, but the Iron Surplice now gives +1 wound on top of its previous effect. Rounding out your buff choices, the Hospitaller looks good – they’ve lost the inbuilt ability to resurrect models (moved to a stratagem) but gained an Apothecary-style 6+ feel no pain aura for INFANTRY. First and probably most importantly if you are a current Sisters player – Embodied Prophecy, Holy Rage, and Deadly Descent have all taken substantial changes, and Storm of Retribution is completely gone. A Dogmata may also find some interest in Psalm of Righteous Smiting, buffing her to S6 AP-3 D2 with 4 attacks, 5 if she also casts War Hymn on herself.

for 3 mortal wounds is a reasonably good trade, and it’s trivial to put this on a unit of Seraphim with hand flamers where it’s almost guaranteed to go off.Warhammer Community took a look at her (very nasty) spear and statline, giving her either five big swings at D3 or ten hit rolls with a sweep attack but what they left out is that her mandatory Warlord trait (and she has to be your Warlord) is Righteous Rage, so she’s on full re-rolls all the time, and in the rare situation that she isn’t able to punk something straight away, once per game she can just straight up Fight Again at the end of the phase – which she will almost certainly survive to given she halves incoming damage and has a 2+/4++. Now here we are in June 2021, and with unprecedented alacrity, we have another Adepta Sororitas codex in front of us, as the Sisters are updated for 9th edition – and get another bunch of new units to boot.

Suffering and Sacrifice is also 1CP, and similarly to the Blood Angels’ Angel’s Sacrifice stratagem allows you to force an opponent to target a character so long as they are either your Warlord, a LIVING SAINT, or a SAINT POTENTIA (Crusade-only). In terms of what’s here and mostly unchanged, we have Cleansed by Fire (does the same, but no longer Ebon Chalice exclusive), Extremis Trigger Word, Martyr’s Immolation, Moment of Grace (though now 1-2 dice rather than 1-3), Battle Rites, Purity of Faith, Faith and Fury (now only 1CP), Holy Trinity (with new, easier to activate wording), and finally Judgement of the Faithful (now only 1CP, but also now only fall back and shoot – fall back and charge now sits with Holy Rage). The main losses for them come in surrounding changes – not being able to easily boost them to a 4++ means they’re fully locked in to being glass cannons, and losing access to an Advance and Charge stratagem means their reach out of a Rhino is considerably smaller. Merely ok – too often you’re just not going to really change any maths with this, but it’s nice that it now reaches out to 3″ so that you can leverage it during shooting.You can change your choices at any time by visiting Cookie preferences, as described in the Cookie notice. Verse of Holy Piety allows one nearby Adepta Sororitas Core/Character unit within 6″ to benefit from the effects of a different Sacred Rite in addition to the Sacred Rite chosen at the start of the battle. In this edition I still did not use my Sisters as much as I used my Death Guard or Iron Hands, but all the same I played them in a good number of games.

Defend the Shrine – Battlefield Supremacy: If you pick this then after both sides finish deploying, your opponent can pick one objective on the battlefield which is not in their deployment zone; this is the Sacred Shrine.She also picks up a 6” heroic and is that much nastier in a fight, with her blade going to AP-4 and doing two automatic mortals and ending the attack sequence on a six to hit. It’s not all bad news, as Tale of the Faithful gets a complete overhaul to be much more broad, granting re-rolls on Advance and Charge rolls (also locked to CORE), distinctly more useful than it once was.

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