Sucking Eggs: What Your Wartime Granny Could Teach You about Diet, Thrift and Going Green

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Sucking Eggs: What Your Wartime Granny Could Teach You about Diet, Thrift and Going Green

Sucking Eggs: What Your Wartime Granny Could Teach You about Diet, Thrift and Going Green

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For (fill in the blanks) industry in particular, the transportation of goods needs to run as smoothly as possible. The Italian phrase cited by this dictionary is properly i paperi voglion menare a bere l’oche and means the goslings want to take the geese to drink. Just watch the tone; engage people in giving their perspectives before assuming they’re starting from zero. So why don’t we make up our minds—once and for all—to stop teaching grandmas how to suck eggs and start telling them the good news about dental implants instead? The Goose leads out the Gosling to the field; (contrarie to the former, and an argument of a well-proportioned gouernment.

Raw eggs, with or without a little seasoning, used to be a popular food and were regarded as healthy. It was such a commonplace procedure then that to "teach your grandmother to suck eggs" was like a child trying to teach as new something the grandmother well knew how to do. In Latin they say Sus Minervam, when an unlearned dunce goeth about to teach his better or a more learned man, then doth the Hog teach Pallas ², or as we say in English, the foul Sow teach the fair Lady to spin.

Evidently, the reason that the Indians "could not suck eggs" wasn't because they didn't know the trick of opening a raw egg at both ends; rather, they "could not" because eating the egg uncooked was abominable to them. Stevens, of Francisco de Quevedo (Spanish author): [2] "You would have me teach my Grandame to suck Eggs".

The phrase to teach one’s grandmother to suck eggs was therefore already proverbial in the early 18 th century. You see, grandma, we perforate an aperture in the apex, and a corresponding aperture in the base ; and by applying the egg to the lips, and forcibly inhaling the breath, the shell is entirely discharged of its contents. The saying still survives despite the fine art dying out in our "civilized" and salmonella fearing culture. We need to have something new and valuable to tell our audience about how to compete in their market. Non-personalized content and ads are influenced by things like the content you’re currently viewing and your location (ad serving is based on general location).And let’s not forget a weird but fabulously useful way to get up-close-and- personal with our audience: hanging out with them online. Marketing directors and managers may need to listen a lot more to them too—and start having a whale of a time themselves. A Reproof to those, who think they have more Knowledge than the whole World, and will be ever and anon teaching those who have had more Experience than themselves. It pays to make it explicitly clear when sharing your thoughts and enthusiasm that you might not be the first person to hear of the ideas and that some people you are talking to will know all about it and may well be quite skilled and experienced already.

A line that goes something like: This marketing is for X [name your experts] who already know ABC [industry fundamentals]. When you're telling somebody something they already know well, it's sometimes said that you're "teaching grandma to suck eggs". In any case, the Indians don't impute the practice to "old white people" or to "toothless white people" but to "the white people. It’s up to us to give our prospects something they’ve never heard before—or never seen in quite the same way. Stevens, of Francisco de Quevedo (Spanish author): "You would have me teach my Grandame to suck Eggs".b) They are presented or perceived as a complete description of teaching… when, in reality, we know there are other things to think about too. A person who followed Wikipedia's method and poked a single pinhole into an egg would probably find the subsequent sucking operation far less satisfactory than anticipated. Which means that logistics processes and strategies need to be agile enough to respond to this challenging environment.

And if it qualified as a proverb in 1692, it had evidently been in English folk use appreciably longer than that. All of which means that—drum roll—there’ll be times when we need to subvert the usual channels of communication.I think it is incorrect to try to assign a literal meaning to the "suck eggs" part, like that thread on Wordwizard tries to do.

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