Neon: A must-read thrilling cat-and-mouse serial killer thriller that readers love!

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Neon: A must-read thrilling cat-and-mouse serial killer thriller that readers love!

Neon: A must-read thrilling cat-and-mouse serial killer thriller that readers love!

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You should be immediately wary of any publisher who wishes to print your book without editing or proofreading it. The profits of legitimate publishers rest on the quality of the books they publish, and so they will do everything they can to ensure that they are the best they can be. Vanity publishers don’t care about the quality of the books they publish, as the only people to whom they will sell are the family and friends of the author. Vanity publishers will, therefore, rarely bother with thorough editing or proofreading. Don’t part with any money! Sukoshio was a bright student in school. He was called brilliant, prodigy and genius at school. Yet, he isn't at the same place as his friends. Shio is a customer service representative. According to some, coming to Galivaria is a chance to make a name for yourself but Galivaria is far from paradise. Most Galivarians were pencil-pushing salary workers whose only destinations in life were their cubicles, tiny one-room apartments, and ultimately the grave. Until recently Preditors & Editors would have been your first port of call if you had any doubts about a given publisher. This fantastic database kept tabs on a huge number of publishing companies, magazines and agents, tallying reports from writers and flagging up companies that might be operating in a less-then-ethical manner. Unfortunately, despite providing a sterling service to the writing community since 1997, P&E never quite received the level of support it deserved. It’s currently mothballed, awaiting a new caretaker.

Artificial Intelligence holds the promise of shaping our future. The pervasive discussions around AI have ignited my profound interest in the subject. Recently, I delved into the book "Neon Nothing," which intriguingly explores AI and technology.Shio works as a Customer Service Representative at Kigen Technologies. He follows his routine life to stay on the right side of the wall. He toes the line, does his job and maintains normality. One day while returning from work, he started chasing two guys and ended up on the wrong side of the wall. Shio was found by Key. What will happen as Key interrogates Shio? Getting an agent can be such an impossible task that your instinct – when one replies to you brimming over with enthusiasm and praise for your work – might be to jump at the opportunity. But be careful: hidden fees could be just over the horizon. Legitimate agents usually make their money by taking a reasonable chunk out of any money that they make by selling your work. If they want paying up front, consider the possibility that they don’t plan on actually selling your work at all. Writing competitions

This bi-annual competition is open to short story writers world-wide but entries must be written in English. If we like your idea and think it could be a fit, we’ll ask to see the full manuscript, so please only submit if you’re relatively close to completing a draft of your project. How to submit One day, Shio's path crossed with Key and he ended up on the wrong side of the wall. Shio and Key work together to find out the truth. Will they be successful?Neon Books is a tiny press with limited resources. To give you an idea of the scale of our press, here are some figures:

Vanity publishers, on the other hand, have a different approach. They reel in any and all writers they can reach with false promises and flattery. They charge writers to have their book printed, and then wring them out still further by charging for marketing services, promotion, and even for basic fulfilment. They pressure writers to sell to their family and friends, while doing nothing to help. Sometimes they don’t even bother to print the book, and instead simply disappear with the writer’s money in hand. Shio was a genius but his friends got jobs and moved away. To stay on the honorable side of the wall, he had to do his job, stay in the lane, maintain normality, etc. Shio lives with a twenty pound Shiba and his AI Aimee. Aimee is smart enough and now knows what Shio wants. So, Aimee presents him the things he want without him even asking. His friends had moved on to new phases and experiences. On the other hand, Shio follows routine life. His friends have their families and Shio feels alienated from them.


One fateful day, as Shio was on his way home from work, he boarded a train and witnessed two men engaged in a heated argument, which escalated to the sound of a gunshot. Curiosity compelled Shio to tail these men, and the reasons for his actions unravel in the story, raising questions about potential danger. These companies work with self-publishing authors to help them bring their books to completion. They may offer editing, proofreading, printing or marketing services in exchange for a fee. Reputable companies will be honest about their role, and will not pretend to be publishers. If you’ve decided that you want to self-publish, but don’t know where to get started (and don’t want to take the time to learn) these companies could be right for you. How a vanity publisher typically works Descending to the lower levels is nobody's desire, yet Shio found himself on the less esteemed side of the wall, where he crossed paths with Key. Key insisted that someone of Shio's caliber didn't belong on that side of the wall, hinting at secrets they had yet to unearth. Shio is just a cog in the corporate machine, sleepwalking through his tech-support job until the day he crosses paths with Key and ends up on the wrong side of the wall. Now, agents from the feared Med-Sec police are gunning for them both. It has something to do with Key’s true identity—if only he had a clue who he really is.

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