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Making History

Making History

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Michael is apprehended by the authorities, who believe that he is a possible spy—since Britain had been under Nazi rule for nearly half a century, anyone speaking like a Briton is suspect.

Every morning when I awoke and stared at the ceiling and listened to Jane’s gentle snoring it flooded my gut, a dark swell of recognition that here was another pissing day to be got through as me. Granted, it drew a nice parallel, but those bits were so dry and boring compared to Young's POV, and that was a bit disappointing. In fact, Michael and Zuckerman have replaced Hitler with a Nazi leader who was even more charming, patient, and effective, and as committed to the Final Solution as Hitler had been. The storyline is a fairly classic one, What would happen if you travelled back in time and prevented Hitler from being born? Unfortunately it was a bit too late and it didn’t redeem itself, so I was pretty disappointed with this one.

The story is told in first person by Michael "Puppy" Young, a young history student at Cambridge University on the verge of completing his doctoral thesis on the early life of Adolf Hitler and his mother.

Later in the novel, there is another, longer film script interlude, which also had the effect of alienating me from the action – a real shame as I’d really enjoyed the book up to this point. It focusses on the consequences, which, despite the rather neat tech, are pretty horrible all around. While his genius was clearly in evidence, it was only every other page or so where it struck me--still a helluva good rate.I am aware that my extreme aversion to this literary device is subjective – probably connected to the fact that books are my first and major love, while films are okay, I suppose…. In a rather circular, roundabout way, Fry makes the point that cultural conditions result in so many things that the removal of one person won't necessarily mitigate the development of some particular outcome. What-if" exercises are interesting when you've got someone to give you proper context along the way. It was written really well, but not something I would have engaged with if it had been by any other author. Or is it just the usual crisis of adulthood, something I was going to have to get used to until I doddered into oblivion?

The only interesting approach is that Fry tries to imagine what the consequences would be of attempts to change history, but even that is poorly executed. If I had not arranged to meet with a friend for lunch, I would have read this book straight through all morning. Thus resolving one of the burning questions surrounding time travel: if it’s possible, why do we still have Hitler?A great mixture of tragedy, humor, philosophy, history, and time travel is still not enough to describe what exactly this book represents. D. in History, encounters a non-assuming physics professor on a fateful day, thereby changing his life and the whole course of history. Steve corrects Michael and reveals that, while never hearing of Hitler, he is all too aware of the Nazi Party.

He has hosted over 180 episodes of QI, and has narrated all seven of the Harry Potter novels for the audiobook recordings. Much like the novels of Kurt Vonnegut, the humor serves as a glass shield, only temporarily deflecting thoughtful and terrifying implications. Making History is an entirely ambitious book, and while it was entertaining, it did have some pacing issues at the beginning particularly. Was all set to plunge into a profound debate; got a toe-dip into light drama-adventure waters instead. While he did a great job illustrating, in a small way, how some small changes would result in a world that is more or less racist/bigoted or homophobic.Inevitably, given the sub-genre, the narrative timeline is speckled with flashbacks which are ably handled. I particularly enjoyed how Fry shows the same scene, set during World War I, twice, once from the original timeline and once from the timeline after Michael erases Hitler. When these two people meet, they decide to eliminate one of the biggest evils that this world has ever known: Hitler.

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