Flexoid Gasket Paper Set, 5 x A4 Sheets - Various Thicknesses 0.15mm-1.6mm

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Flexoid Gasket Paper Set, 5 x A4 Sheets - Various Thicknesses 0.15mm-1.6mm

Flexoid Gasket Paper Set, 5 x A4 Sheets - Various Thicknesses 0.15mm-1.6mm

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Gaskets that have been made with Flexoid gasket paper will boast resistances to a number of different liquids. One of the most attractive properties these gaskets have is their resistance to petrol, oil, fuel and water. Because of this resistance, they can be used in environments that require seals against these types of liquids – and therefore make ideal cost-effective solutions for a wide range of applications. What are they used for?

Important considerations to factor in when choosing gasket sheet materials include operating temperature, pressure, chemical compatibility and long-term cost-effectiveness of more robust products over cheaper but less reliable alternatives. Our material conforms to ASTM F104 standards, every roll is traceable and our production is subject to testing and independent auditing Nitrile cork and multiple variants of non-asbestos fibre are common materials found all over the exhaust gasket sheet market - along with a range of older graphite laminate formulas, although these can be somewhat more prone to blowouts. Here at Stephens Gaskets, we are proud to be one of the country’s leading suppliers of shims, washers, and gaskets. With decades of experience under our belts, we have plenty of knowledge on precision machined components. Additionally, with the materials we manufacture with and the industries we serve, we can offer plenty of support to our customers when they need it. We support many different industries with our products including the automotive industry. One of the products we sell which is commonly used by this industry is flexoid gasket paper. But what actually is it?

Gasket Materials

For this reason, flexoid gasket paper is used extensively by the automotive sector. It is particularly useful in the manufacture of water pumps, fuel pumps, oil filters, gearboxes, clutch mechanisms, axle shafts, thermostats, carburettors, and many other engine components. Graphite gasket sheet is something of a traditional material for gasket production, but still very widely used in a range of environments and applications. The higher the carbon content of the graphite gasket paper, the more flexible it will be, but also more brittle. For this reason, high-carbon graphite sheet gasket material is often sold reinforced with various metal cores or fillers. Flexoid gasket paper (otherwise known as oil paper jointing or cellulose paper) is highly resistant to liquid substances such as water, petrol, oil, and other fuels, and can provide an effective and reliable seal against these liquids. Carburettor; Fuel Pump; Front Plate; Oil Pump; Oil Filter; Side Cover; Timing Cover; Thermostat; Water Pump

Asbestos has various properties that traditionally made it a leading choice for industrial gasket applications. Asbestos gasket sheet is a tough and fibrous material that offers superb resistance to volatile chemicals and extremes of temperature - but it’s a particularly hazardous material to work in close proximity to.

Nitrile rubber sheet suppliers also note that it’s relatively chemical resistant, but remains unsuitable for handling certain media such as strong oxidising agents, chlorines and ketones. Along with various other types of gasket paper, nitrile is available in sponge form too - these can be in open-cell varieties when compressibility is key, or closed-cell if leak prevention is the main aim. Silicone gasket sheets For that reason, nearly all asbestos components today are being replaced with materials cut from non-asbestos gasket sheets of other compressed fibre material, combined with elastomers for added flexible strength. They’re good for use in a wide range of tough applications including oils, acids and steam. Exhaust gasket sheets Oil paper jointing is used for engines, axles, pumps, pipes and tank flange joints. As such it finds application in the automotive, marine, aero and agricultural industries.

It is a very economical material, especially where price is a factor when dealing with original equipment and replacement markets. Flexoid material awaiting further processing Characteristics There are many different types of gasket paper on the market, all of which have their own strengths and advantages when used in specific scenarios. In this section, we’ll go over some of the most common and widely available types of gasket sheeting. Rubber gasket sheetsFlexoid is a plasticised, cellulose fibre based compound material, infused with gelatine. Manufactured primarily in the UK, Flexoid Gasket Paper is regarded as the most reliable soft paper gasket material on the market.

They’re most commonly used in pipework and ducting systems, where they’re called flange gaskets. Here they help join two sections of pipe together seamlessly to form a continuous, non-leak channel through which liquids or gases can flow.Other high-performance options include steel and copper reinforced gaskets. Whatever the material, it’s also important that exhaust gaskets offer good resistance to gas leaks, and are fairly easy to access and maintain. High-temperature gasket sheets Some gaskets are defined by their intended application, such as vehicle gaskets in the engines of cars, planes, boats and more. Others are defined by their physical composition and materials, or by the specific nature of the role they’re made to perform (such as acid resistance or high-pressure functionality). Flexoid has a major market share in the big four of the European Economic Community, i.e. U.K., Germany, France and Italy Flexoid gasket paper is relatively inexpensive, and very easy to use. This makes it a popular choice of material for the automotive industry. Due to the gelatine infusion, flexoid is highly resistant to many different types of liquid substances. Arguably one of its most appealing properties is its resistance against petrol, oil, water, and other fuels. With this in mind, it actually acts as a fantastic seal against these liquids. Limitations Of Flexoid Gasket Paper

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