Games Workshop - Necromunda: Palanite Subjugator Patrol

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Games Workshop - Necromunda: Palanite Subjugator Patrol

Games Workshop - Necromunda: Palanite Subjugator Patrol

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No more cardboard: The original Necromunda game from 1995 was cardboard, The Dark Uprising box comes with ruined barricades, bulkheads, objective markers, high quality cards, and even modular boards. The walls on the boards create corridors of the trashy, terrain-rich underhive. I'm getting into necromunda, and I'd like to start a palanite enforcers gang. I'm wondering what does and doesn't work for a 1000 point gang to star off a campaign. Hip Shooting . This is a powerful skill because it enables shots when your opponent thinks they’re safe. Best of all with auto-hitting teardrop template, since they avoid the -1 to-hit penalty. In the Enforcers’ arsenal, the Enforcer Shotgun is the only such weapon, and it does well in the early campaign. If you swing by the Trading Post, this skill pairs very nicely with a normal Combat Shotgun with Firestorm Ammunition, or with a Webber. Rating: B , moving up to an A if you invest in the right weapon for it. SLHG Pattern Assault Ram “Sledge Hammer”– This is a high-strength, versatile melee weapon with a built-in grenade launcher with frag and choke grenades. It’s a weird one, reader. Grenade launchers want to be far from their targets, but this is a melee weapon with an attached GL. It doesn’t make a ton of sense. It could, however, be deadly in the hands of a later-campaign champion or leader. Subjugation Pattern Grenade Launcher– A re-named grenade launcher. This one is cheaper than GLs in other gangs, and is the mainstay of the Subjugator “class” in Enforcer gangs. You’ll want at least one of these in every squad as they are crucial for actually doing damage and piercing armor. Enforcers have a lot of low-strength and AP weapons, and you’ll need krak grenades in the late game.

Got Your Six. This skill lets you interrupt enemy charges against a friendly model, taking an immediate shot at them and stopping the charge entirely if you at least pin them. This is a more focussed version of Overwatch (see below) – it only works against Charge actions specifically, so will only frequently come up against gangs that are including significant close combat threats. On the other hand, it does not require the skill-user to be Ready, or remove that Ready marker if they have one. So unlike Overwatch, where you give up your Activation for a single Shoot Action at the right time, with Got Your Six you aren’t giving anything up. This is damn powerful and ideal for punchy mid to close range shooters. It will be intensely frustrating for melee-heavy gangs trying to get into combat with you, if you position models with this skill correctly. Rating: A Necromunda exists in a permanent state of controlled conflict. Gang violence is endemic in the hive cities, as commonplace as industrial quotas and recycled water. Criminals, cults and renegades are also an unavoidable side effect of cramming so many souls into such a small space, and these individuals too rail against the society that spawned them. For the most part, gang wars are policed by the Clan Houses themselves, under fear of retribution from Lord Helmawr, while the Palanite Enforcers handle the rest. Sometimes though, crime turns into rebellion, and in instances of extreme societal upheaval, when local agents are overwhelmed, the Imperial House opens its armoury to the Enforcers, granting them the tools of war. S wiftly, the organisation of the Enforcer Precincts changes to meet a militarlsed or powerful enemy, and Palanite Subjugator battalions are formed. These troops are heavily armed and armoured, led by hardened veterans and given special dispensation to operate outside their usual districts. In all but name, the Palanite Subjugators are an army, despite how Lord Helmawr might present their existence to the wider lmperium. Date Unknown - A force of 10 Subjugators honoured the Chapter's oath to protect the Tophet System by participating in the defence of the Forge World Tophet VI against Chaos Space Marines of the Iron Warriors Traitor Legion. Fighting alongside the Titans of the Legio Debellator and a force of Skitarii from the nearby Forge World of Agripinaa, the Subjugators lost at least 4 Marines during the battle to defend the planet's hive capital. [11] Vigilance Pattern Assault Shield– Combined with the subjugator’s armor, the assault shield can turn any fighter into an absolute TANK. If you’re planning on making a melee-heavy Enforcer squad, this is the weapon for you.

Adeptus Arbites

The support is really limited at the moment. The starter box is great, but there are two gangs plus one more on the way, which is nowhere near the dozen factions of the original. Considering that you need 5-6 people to play, you’ll be seeing many of the same models for quite some time. Fast Shot . If you’re in position to shoot, shooting twice is obviously great. Bear in mind that even your Capt and Sgts have a starting BS4+, not Van Saar’s infamous BS2+, so it’s not quite the same. This skill is still straightforwardly powerful, especially since you can access good weapons that aren’t Scarce or a 6+ Ammo Roll. Rating: A

Expensive Things. Cheaper bolters are good to have, but they’re still pricey, and so having them as the de-facto basic service weapon means Enforcers can’t afford to roll as deep as Cawdor, and will frequently be outnumbered by everyone except possibly Van Saar.Now that we’ve had a look at all the particulars involved in a Palanite Enforcer gang, we’re both going to construct an example squad of 1,000 credits and explain our choices along the way. Additionally The Sex Cannon found a truly hilarious gang that costs exactly 1000 credits so we’ll give you a look at that one, too. Overwatch . A popular reactive skill, very similar to Got Your Six from the Palanite Drill tree. It does require (and cost you) a Ready marker, but you can interrupt and shoot at any activating model, not just one making a Charge action. Which of these skills you take is down to how much melee fighters are a threat in your own group. Rating: A Law in the Imperium is enforced in a million different ways – the cruel whims of each planetary governor dictating how the Lex Imperialis is implemented on their world. Few are more cruel than Lord Helmawr of Necromunda, and the forthcoming Book of Judgement fleshes out how his Palanite Enforcers keep the peace. Today, we delve into this new publication to look at Necromunda’s various law enforcers. Enforcers Want to join the Palanite Enforcers and bring the justice of Lord Helmawr to the underhive? Well rookie, just because you’ve graduated the academy doesn’t mean that you’re ready to hit the streets yet – you need to read our Palanite Enforcer guide first! The Pax Helmawr strictly prohibits military intervention in matters of civil unrest. This is not because of any concern for the well-being of Necromunda’s citizens, and only partly because excessive damage to a hive from heavy ordnance might impact production. Rather, this ancient law exists simply to keep the gaze of the Adeptus Terra averted from Lord Helmawr’s domain. Rebellion is bad for business, but it gets even worse should the Imperium decide to turn a hive into a war zone. Part of Helmawr’s relationship with the Adeptus Terra involves constantly assuring them that Necromunda is a loyal member of the Emperor’s domain and completely under control. This is, of course, only partially true.

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